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Ecolab Apex Warewash Solid Presoak, 4 lb.
  • Ecolab Apex Warewash Solid Presoak, 4 lb.


Keystone Apex™ Presoak keeps ware looking its best. With a unique combination of alkalinity and surfactants, Keystone Apex Presoak loosens soils and emulsifies grease. Its patented dual-enzyme formula thoroughly removes tough, dried- or baked-on protein and starch soils, reducing the need for multiple rewashes and prolongs the life of flatware. Tests prove that presoaking with Apex Presoak results in spotless ware after two passes through the dishmachine, while water-soaked ware developed a film that never came clean.

Why is Presoaking Important?

  • Customers expect spotless, shiny glasses and flatware
  • Properly balanced machine detergent delivers the best possible cleaning and film-free results and helps rinse additives provide spot-free glasses and flatware at the lowest total cost.
  • One of the top factors influencing where patrons choose to dine is cleanliness of the table wares and dining areas - food taste and quality ranks fourth.

Why Should Customers Presoak?

  • Enzymes breakdown food soils such as starch and protein films that the dishmachine can't handle alone
  • Reduces true cost factors:
    • Lowers overall cost by reducing rewashing
    • Less dishmachine detergent used
    • Less labor, water, and electricity used
  • Improves guest satisfaction and retention
  • Prolongs the life of silverware - less frequent replacement

Presoaks vs. Detergent:

  • Manual detergents don't neutralize food soils and could cause excessive foaming in the dishmachine
  • Manual detergents do not contain enzymes, which aid in soil removal

Sustainability Benefits

Clean Safely

Clean safely-Non-corrosive, 99.7% phosphate free solid

Reduce Waste

Apex products reduce plastic packaging waste 97% by weight compared to 5 gallon pail.

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